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Fast Changing Trends In Abu Dhabi Realty Scene Supports Real Estate Expansion



Abu Dhabi, UAE (March 18, 2018) – For the last few years, the oil prices in Abu Dhabi have greatly impacted its sales of residential properties. Leading mortgage providers in this part of the world have observed a strong shift in consumer behavior. Consumers nowadays prefer to get the mortgages even before they decide on purchasing a property. This is in stark comparison to earlier times when people used to find a property that they liked before actually looking to get a mortgage for their homes. Such consumer trends have also helped real estate groups like Al Badie to enhance its prospects in a fast changing market. Under Khaled Al Badie, as VP and CEO, the ABG group has already managed numerous leading projects in different parts of Abu Dhabi and UAE. The recent trends of buying properties instead of renting have opened up new doors for real estate companies in UAE.

Statistics reveal that under the current circumstances, it is at least 30% or 40% cheaper for people in Abu Dhabi to get mortgages for their homes instead of paying rents. This new trend has actually helped in keeping the real estate market in this part of the world quite healthy. The truth is that rental prices for properties are increasing gradually and it is also another factor that is deterring people from renting properties. Vice president of Al Badie Group, Mr. Khaled Al Badie strongly believes that such trends are only going to enhance the prospects of the real estate industry in this part of the world.

About Al Badie Group:
The Al Badie Group is a leading real estate company based in Abu Dhabi with many years of professional experience as reputed builders.

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